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An Open Letter to Planned Parenthood Leadership; Dear Cecile Richards

An Open Letter to Planned Parenthood Leadership

Dear Cecile Richards

You are amazing along with the huge Planned Parenthood apparatus that delivers health care and reproductive freedom to millions of women. THANK YOU for all you do and continue to do.

I have been a keen supporter of Planned Parenthood for most of my lifetime and even more so in these last years as the right wing of the Republican Party have put PP under such fire and assault. Nonetheless, Planned Parenthood has continued to stand courageously and defiantly for all women’s rights to their bodies and their health.

So this makes it all the harder for me to question and disagree with the endorsement Planned Parenthood has just made of Hillary Clinton for President, 2016. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/zillah-eisenstein/hrc-and-us-exceptionalism_b_6844022.html I, along with many progressive feminists cannot support this endorsement. It elicits an unwarranted level of support for a candidacy that does not stand strongly enough for an inclusive notion of womanhood and humanity, as well as reproductive justice.

To endorse HRC is to allow PP to be used on behalf of Hillary’s support for war as a necessary form of politics; to continue the unwise legitimation of her foreign policy initiatives in Iraq, Libya and now Syria; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016L1RTR8/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?ie=UTF8&btkr=1 to dissect the politics of race and class from the lives of women, especially in these named countries; to endorse her non-intersectional approach to women’s lives; to accept her privileging of her whiteness and all white women’s privilege in relation to women of other colors. http://www.thefeministwire.com/2014/08/shes-anti-racist-anti-imperial-feminists-war/

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/zillah-eisenstein/hrc-and-us-exceptionalism_b_6844022.htmlI will always support Planned Parenthood in the way it supports any woman who walks through its doors. I just wish you would have followed your inclusive and democratic vision of women’s health and reproductive rights before handing over so many of our voices to the HRC campaign.

Instead of endorsing HRC, feminists who believe in peace, anti-racism, women’s bodily rights, economic and racial justice, must stand as an alternative to the limited neo-liberal/imperial politics of the moment expressed in this dismal 2016 presidential campaign. Anti-racist/anti-imperial feminists need to make HRC uneasy and uncertain about her exclusionary mind-set, and demand accountability for a more just world.


Zillah Eisenstein



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